The following cases represent the trial experience of James A. McGuinness.   

Trials & Arbitrations


  1. Prosecuted breach of engagement contract and fee collection arbitration on behalf of major law firm against its former corporate client in 3-day AAA arbitration.  Succeeded in obtaining and collecting $4,000,000-plus award.  (2014) 

  2. Represented Defendant Scott Ward where, after a two-day evidentiary hearing before Judge Amy J. St. Eve, a temporary restraining order was successfully dissolved and Plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction regarding his client’s employment agreement and non-competition/non-solicit clauses was defeated.  (N.D. Ill. 2011, J. St. Eve).

  3. Represented plaintiffs Jerald and Meryl Goldfarb as second chair in insurance coverage action against One Beacon Insurance Group, resulting in $395,000 verdict for plaintiffs after a five-day jury trial before Judge Barbara McDonald (Circuit Court of Cook County, IL) (2011)

  4. Assisted in successful prosecution of a breach of contract case before Judge Bill Taylor. Defendants were Sentinel Investment Group, Inc.; Sentinel Financial Services, Inc.; Sentinel Management International, Inc.; Fountainhead Investments, Inc.; EB Trust 2005; and Eric A. Bloom Living Trust (Circuit Court of Cook County, IL) (2010) 

  5. Represented George Voutiritsas and North Star Trust Company in a legal malpractice action against James M. Bolz and McCuaig, Haeger, Bolz & McCarty LLC during a five-day jury trial before Judge Allen Goldberg (Circuit Court of Cook County, IL) (2010)












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